Local March 31, 2016 | 10:07 am

Presidential candidate would enforce the law with an iron fist

Santo Domingo.- Minority Al-Pais presidential candidate GuillermoMoreno would "enforce the law with an iron fist" as he affirms occurredduring his tenure as Prosecutor of the National District.

Interviewed Wednesday by listin.com.do, the prominent attorneysaid he sees the concept of law enforcement as averting cracks in the politicaland judicial system, which in his view is behind the country’s “imperfectdemocracy.”

He said the lack of legal security is also the result of alack of preparedness by prosecutors in investigations, including cases of illicitenrichment by government official.

“The idea that the law is harsh, but it’s the law,” hesaid, noting that he is not a politician who neither seeking headlines nor fearsjournalistic provocations.

"I want to enforce the law with an iron fist, without fissuresor errors. Aware that if there’s a law that we do not like we have to abide byit until we change it," Moreno said, calling the judiciary a spider web, “whichonly traps flies and eventually an eagle comes and eats the flies, the web andthe spider.”

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