Local April 2, 2016 | 8:57 am

Minority Al-Pais party proposes school bus service plan

Santo Domingo.- Minority Al-Pais party proposed a municipal program to ease traffic congestion in Santo Domingo, which has become one of the major pitfalls for families in recent years.

In its municipal development program, presented at the Mauricio Baez Club, in Villa Juana, the party headed by presidential candidate Guillermo Moreno revealed its initiative of creating a school bus service plan to relieve traffic jam during rush hours in the National District.

"According to Internal Taxes (DGII), we have a vehicle fleet of one million vehicles. There are 914 schools and 241,790 students distributed in public and private schools. You can not think of a way to relieve traffic jam while 100,000 vehicles take to the streets every day to take their children to schools," said DN candidate to mayor Wellington Martinez.

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