Local April 5, 2016 | 10:49 am

Journalists worldwide always face threats, newspaper editor warns

Santo Domingo.- DominicanNewspapers Association (SDD) president Persio Maldonado on Tuesday said in thejournalistic world there are always threats to those who practice it.

"I think there arealways threats in the journalistic world, illicit businessesare always a tough threat to the exercise of journalism, and I would even saythat Latin America in general is a very violent region against theexercise," the veteran journalist said.

The also editor-in-chiefof El Nuevo Diario said statistics reveal that 479 journalists have been killedcarrying out their work from 1987 to date.

Maldonado spoke in theconference "Elections, Politics and Communication: from the subjective tothe real,” at the Santo Domingo Catholic University, where prominentjournalists and senior government officials also attended.

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