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Panama Papers: 486 Dominican companies in offshore scandal

Santo Domingo.- On the list of more than 214,000 offshore companiesthat figure on the biggest journalistic filtration in history, released by theInternational Consortium of Journalists (ICIJ) and includes 486 companies registeredin the Dominican Republic .

In the investigation involving 140 world politicians andofficials, mentions 57 clients, 67 beneficiaries and 192 Dominicans shareholders.

The information in the Panama Papers related to the 11.5 millionleaked documents of the law firm Mossack Fonseca was published by the IrishTimes, one of the official partners in the media probe.

The information is contained in a map of numerical data,and doesn’t include the names of companies, shareholders, customers andbeneficiaries in the country.

Nonetheless, in the database published by the ICIJ throughoffshoreleaks.icij.org/search link is disclosed the list of 16 officers and keycustomers, as well as offshore entities linked.

Same list?

Coincidentally several media published the same list ofpeople and/or Dominican companies in February 2015, which echoes the scandallinked to offshore accounts, as it appears in the database in Switzerland’s HSBCBank.

The names: Bando deDesarrollo del Este, SA, Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Catalina Yangüela deRodríguez, Charles Fort, Eduardo Martín Duarte, Gonzalo Corral, Joel Jelderks,José A. Rodríguez Yangüela, José María López Coira, Laura Rodríguez Yangüelaand Luis Rodríguez Yangüela. Also figuran Massimiliano Ferretti,Mouchen Tun, Ola Johannes Lind (three times), Patricia Salazar and TomásRodríguez Yangüela.

Accessing the online information leads to identifying whichoffshores are in that list of companies and individuals, and their addresses aswell.

The list is formed by individuals and/or companies in GreaterSanto Domingo, with links to companies registered in the British VirginIslands, the United States and other countries.

The group of media notes that the data doesn’t mean, suggestor imply that individuals, companies or other entities identified have violatedthe law or acted improperly.

Furthermore, in the offshoreleaksmap.icij.org/index.html?target=maplink "Where are the customers?," Dominican Republic figures with 10registered customers, but doesn’t identify them by name.

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