Local April 5, 2016 | 4:25 pm

Panama Papers: Prosecutor only collects newspaper clippings ‘for now’

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry is for now, only collectingnewspaper clippings with information on the“Panama Papers" from which have emerged the names of 486 Dominican companiesand 57 clients who might be linked to illicit financial activities.

Anti-money Laundering prosecutor German Miranda said there’sno concrete data as yet involving Dominicans in those documents and the authoritiesonly collect newspaper clippings.

"That’s still not very clear to us. We have no moreinformation at the level seen in the newspapers, we have yet to formulate aprediction about that; we have no contacts with the authorities yet, that is, weare still collecting newspaper clippings," the official said.

Miranda stressed that for now they are only gatheringinformation to determine the possible involvement of Dominicans.

Nonetheless among the 11 million leaked documents pertainingto the law firm Mossack Fonseca, have been identified thus far about 486companies purportedly from the Dominican Republic, as published by the IrishTimes, one of the official outlets associated with the publication of thedocuments of the Panamanian firm.

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