Local April 7, 2016 | 7:45 am

Dominican Republic bank scammers utilized 56 offshores: Acento

Santo Domingo.- The lawyer for several people scammed by thefailed Peravia bank on Wednesday said its executives used around 56 offshore companiesof Panamanian origin to embezzle and divert assets.

Cesar Amadeo Peralta said the companies figure on the PanamaPapers released by the International Consortium of Journalists, which uncoveredmassive tax evasion in several Latin American countries.

Quoted by acento.coom.do, the attorney said through the offshores,Peravia executives conducted various types of mostly fraudulent transactions toscam hundreds of people in the Dominican Republic, where they feigned being banks,financial, construction, and other companies.

He said Peravia president, the Venezuelan Jose LuisSantoro, and others in the alleged fraud even issued financial certificates andcommercial paper in exchange for deposits of capital in dollars and pesos.

Among the companies Peralta said Peravia executives usedfigure Murviel Dominicana S.A, Aerolineas Ejecutivas de América C.A,Constructora J&K, C.A, Murviel Trading, INC., Plastico Celia CxA, InversoraCablecentro CxA, Inversora Santoro CxA, Aja Beach Club S.R.L., Peravia Group,LLC., Construcciones Cohombral CO, S.R.L., Save Just Buy Import SJBI, S.R.L.,Caribbean Of Senses CARSEN, S.R.L., Murviel Capital Trading, INC., Casa ItaliaMaracay, Inversiones San Marcroma CxA, Inversiones Auyante Puy, and Serret Travel,SRL. (RNC: 1-30-72325-7).

Also Hermanos Serret,SRL. RNC:1-01-07735-2, Centro de Acopio Banilejo (RNC:130-286752), LaboratoriosEmerson CxA, Lubri Seguros RM, SRL., Green Universal Energy Cabral Veras, SRL.,Mountain Ranch-Rio Arroyo Vuelta, SRL., Monteazul Invesments, SRL., KemasikInversiones, EIRL., Movimiento Económico de Acción Social Medas, C por A., and IntercambioCoorporativo, SRL.

Also GAF Natural Gas & Oil Terminal, SRL., La Esquinade Tejas, SRL., Plasticos Rositere CxA, Televisora TIC.tv, America Siol InnovationCR, S.A., Celia Investment, World Automotive of Florida INC, Hampton ChryslerDodge & Jeep INC, Kegan Investment Corp, Space Big, CxA, IndustrialCaucedo, SRL. (Registro Mercantil No. 16463SD), City Traveler Center, S.A.,Grupo Bornheim, SRL. (Registro Mercantil No. 101783SD), Lomert Realty Business,SRL. (Registro Mercantil No.93561SD), Canteras Del Trópico, SRL. (Mercantil Registry No. 44427SD),Intercambio Corporativo DR, SRL. (Registro Mercantil No. 41274SD), Constructoray talleres de ensamblaje Del Caribe, SRL. (Registro Mercantil No. 101783SD),Inmobiliaria María, SRL., Inversiones María S.R.L., Negocios CorporativosArhus, S.R.L., Overland Consultants Inc., Impresos Latinoamericanos C.A.,Consultoria Farlouber y Consultora Krispo CKPO.

He said that despite that most of those companies were decnouncedto Dominican Republic’s Banks Superintendence an suspected money laundering andfraudulent transactions, the authorities did nothing until the scandal broke.

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