Local April 8, 2016 | 10:13 am

Medina promises to ‘never return,’…again

Santo Domingo.- President and reelection candidate DaniloMedina on Thursday night promised that hissecond term in office will be his last, and “will never return.”

Medina’s promise comes despite a similar pledge made duringhis prior campaign for the presidency.

The candidate for Dominican Republic’s ruling party (PLD) saidif the elections were held today, he’d win with more than 35 points over hisrival.

"We will win. If we continue to work, we will win andwe will do it comfortably, as it should be. The more Dominicans cast theirvotes for us, the more legitimacy the next administration will have to adoptthe changes we have to do in the Dominican Republic," Medina said.

Speaking at the rally by the movement “Teachers with Danilo,”Medina called on the PLD rank-and-file, supporters and leaders of political groupsto intensify the campaign leading to the May 15 election, “so Dominican people canenjoy four more years of happiness.”

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