Local April 9, 2016 | 11:41 am

Profamilia says abortion should be handled “judiciously”

Santo Domingo.- Profamilia said yesterday that the abortion issue should be handled "judiciously" and with respect for women, so it should not be encouraged under this prerogative the support or opposition to a particular political candidate who shows a position against abortion.

According to Francisco Alvarez, head of Profamilia’s board, citizens should have the freedom to choose their authorities. He made his statements in response of certain evangelical organizations that want people to vote against candidates who do not match the criteria of those religious groups on the prohibition of abortion.

"The issue of abortion has to be handled with respect for human life, for the dignity of human beings," even "among people who may have different criteria and ideas," Alvarez told journalists prior to an event that commemorated Profamilia’s 50th anniversary.

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