Local April 11, 2016 | 11:40 am

Washington wants 26 observers for Dominican Republic elections

Santo Domingo.- The US embassy has asked to meet with CentralElectoral Board (JCE) officials on Wednesday, seeking to accredit 26 observers forthe May 15 general elections.

"As a non-partisan and recognized institution, the (US)Embassy promotes strengthening of democracy, promoting human rights and electionobservation," said US Embassy political affairs officer ??Stacey Maupin inthe letter of request to JCE authorities.

JCE president Roberto Rosario last week said as a “generalprinciple” no state has the right to observe another’s elections, because from thatvery moment, “it violates the sovereignty of that country.”

Rosario said the JCE has invited the envoys of the variouscountries to be part of the process.

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