Local April 14, 2016 | 5:25 pm

Dominican Republic could be left without water or rivers ‘in a few years’

Santo Domingo.- DominicanRepublic could be left without rivers, water or its sources in a few years, politicalscientist and Public Administration expert Yudelis Mendez warned Thursday, andcalled on the authorities to adopt preventive measures.

Mendez said the fact that it’s increasinglydifficult to get enough drinking water the country is reason for concern, blamingit on the high number of dee[ wells everywhere and lack of water treatmentplants.

Adding to this –the expert said- isthe increases desertification across the country and the “alarming increase inpollution.”

She alerted the authorities,political parties, business leaders, students and organizations to realize thatthere will be no production without water, tourism would end and life would beextinguished. “Plans and projects are needed to prevent the complete disappearanceof the country’s water sources, its forests, its natural beauties.”

Mendez said she’s concerned about“the indifference by the Environment Ministry, the National Water and Sewerage Institute(INAPA), aqueduct and sewage system utilities of the towns and provinces andmuch of the country before the imminent disappearance of the vital liquid.”

"The situation we see and theindifference of the authorities in particular and of the people in general to thephenomena of deforestation, and the loss and lack of water is of great concern."

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