Local April 15, 2016 | 5:33 pm

Dominican Republic Electoral Board topples walls, ‘breaks with dark past’

Santo Domingo.- The wall around Dominican Republic’s CentralElectoral Board (JCE) has been permanently removed in measure its presidentsays “breaks with a dark past" and an image of secrecy and uncertainty, bringingit closer to society and transform it into an institution of public service.

Roberto Rosario headed a ceremony Friday morning to markthe JCE’s 93rd anniversary, where senior officials unveiled a commemorativeplaque in the lobby and inaugurated its new façade.

He said the JCE “breaks with a dark past" that the wallsand fences had symbolized.

"Until today everyone who visited the Board had tocome as a thief in the night by the back door, as if we were ashamed of what weare, our history, what the Board is as a public institution, but from today wechanged the facade, people will enter through the front door, with pride andsatisfaction that they are entering the public institution where they’ll bereceived and will be served as a Dominican who pays for it and deserves this,"Rosario said.

He added that for more than three decades the Board’s chainsand walls were placed in the front, that far from protecting, what they did wasalienate citizens, for which the institution’s image was relaunched. "We toppledthose walls that were here since the days when this body created uncertainty, whatthis entity generates today is confidence, and that’s what we’re doing today,strengthening, consolidating this trust and commit ourselves to provide more andbetter service."

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