Local April 15, 2016 | 12:00 pm

Union leader charged with murder involved in confusing 3-way wreck

Santo Domingo.- The JusticeMinistry investigates a three-way crash involving two Justice Ministry vehicles,one of which transported union leader Blas Peralta from the prison to court, wherehe has been charged with murdering former Santo Domingo State University UASD directorMateo Aquino.

First reports of the collision inBoca Chica affirm that a vehicle had pursued the one carrying Peralta and then rammedit from behind at the beach town of Boca Chica. Peralta is due in court today

However at least one of the officialvehicles shows severe damage in the front end.

The Justice Ministry tweeted thatPeralta was transferred from the correctional facility at San Pedro to theCiudad Nueva courthouse in Santo Domingo without incident. "Two of the high-risktransfer units were involved in a collision with a third vehicle. This didn’tprevent the accused from being transferred to the National District Office ofthe Prosecutor unhurt, both he and the agents."

Another tweet said road incidentis under investigation.

According to reports the accidenttook place around 9:30am on the Las Americas Highway.


“We are investigating todetermine if it was intencional if it was an accident. We cannot affirmanything thus far. What’s important is that this case is that he arrived at theOffice of the Prosecutor, that no one was hurt and that the case is being investigated,”tweeted Justice Ministry spokeswoman Tessie Sánchez.

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