Local April 18, 2016 | 8:50 am

A cocky Medina only no-show at first ever presidential candidates debate

Santo Domingo.- President Danilo Medina will be the only no-showfrom the Monday in Dominican Republic’s first ever televised debate, with eightpresidential candidates present with which organizers seek to instill a"culture of proposals" for constituents, local media report.

The young business leaders grouped in Anje host the event, andsaid the debate aims to give citizens a space for them to know the presidentialcandidates’ thinking, and their proposals and plans of Government.

The presidential candidates which have confirmed theirparticipation include Luis Abinader, of the majority opposition PRM party;Guillermo Moreno, Al-Pais; Minerva (Minou) Tavarez Al-Democracia; Soraya Aquino,PUN; Pelegrin Castillo, FNP; Elias Wessin, PQD, and Hatuey De Camps, PRSD.

In a statement Anje called the presidential debate animportant milestone for the Dominican Republic. “For the first time in the country’shistory candidates for the office of the President will be discussing together theirproposals for government.”

The organization said it regrets that Medina didn’t accept itsinvitation

Medina had confirmed that he won’t participate in the debateand in turn affirms he will win in all provinces. According to most polls thepresident will retain office by winning the May 15 elections in the first balloting.

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