Local April 18, 2016 | 3:16 pm

US Embassy Press Attaché hosts get-together with media

SD- US EmbassyPress Attaché Jeremiah Knight on Thursday hosted an informal gathering at hisresidence with journalists as part of integration activities with the mediaorganized by the Embassy’s Press Department.

Prominent communicatorsConsuelo Despradel, Yadira Morel, Osvaldo Santana, Geomar Garcia, HomeroFigueroa Angel Laureano attended the activity, among others.

“Themeetings are held quite frequently and include journalists from different mediaof television, radio, press and public relations of the public and privatesector,” the US Embassy said in an emailed statement.

“During thepast two years these meetings with the press have also spread to the cities ofPuerto Plata, Santiago, Bani, San Juan de la Maguana and La Romana.”

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