Local April 19, 2016 | 11:20 am

Dominican mom wins US$50M malpractice lawsuit

New York.- Shaolin Cruz, a Dominican mother of 38, nativeof Constanza in Dominican Republic central highlands, won a US$50 million lawsuitin NY State Supreme Court in the Bronx, against an obstetrician at the SaintBarnabas hospital in the same county.

She had a C-section performed seven years ago, unleashing anightmare and causing permanent injury to her body.

The obstetrician Michael Ihemaguba, who intervened Cruz in2009, was convicted by a jury court after a trial that lasted one month andadjourned Monday.

After the operation, the Dominican mother has to go to thebathroom often and has to use adult diapers permanently.

The jury awarded Cruz US$50 million for her pain and suffering.She said her health has improved, but notes that her life hasn’t been the samesince the injuries sustained during birth.

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