Local April 20, 2016 | 8:46 am

Govt. inspectors seize expired products in Chinatown

Santo Domingo.- The National Consumer Protection Institute (ProConsumidor) on Tuesday held inspectionsin several business in Chinatown, which sell products with labels in a foreignlanguage, expired or unfit for humanconsumption.

ProConsumidor director Anina Del Castillo said inspectorsseized 14,920 products in eight establishments Chinatown businesses, which violatedthe Consumer Protection Law 358-05.

She said the law stipulates that "any supplier ofgoods or services is required to provide the consumer or user on the label orsimilar support, , at least in Spanish language, clear, accurate, timely andsufficient information on goods and services offered and marketed in order toprotect the health and safety of the latter as well as its economic interests,so as to allow adequate and reasoned choice."

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