Local April 22, 2016 | 10:37 am

US pledges continued help to Dominicans on immigration: EFE

Dajabón, Dominican Republic.- US ambassador James W.Brewster on Thursday stated Washington’s continued commitment to help SantoDomingo on immigration, and lauded the work by those in charge, EFE reports.

The diplomat said his visit to northwestern Dajabon provincewas to observe the entry and exit of people and their behavior along theDominican-Haiti border and learn about other topics in that area.

Brewster, accompanied by Dominican and US officials, touredthe binational market adjacent to the border crossing, and visited the 10thArmy Battalion headquarters in Dajabon, where the mostly Haitian undocumented immigrantsare held prior to repatriation.

Brewster has visited the border area several times duringhis tenure, the most recent several months ago, when he lauded Dominican authorities’respect for human rights, and said he’s convinced that there’s an “ambiance ofsolidarity and harmony,” specifically between the Haiti town Anse a Pitres, andthe Dominican side, Pedernales.

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