Local May 3, 2016 | 8:33 am

Dominicans mark 20 years since a horrific crime

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic today marks 20 yearssince the horror, tragedy, evil and cruelty that the human being is capable of.

The Jose Rafael Llenas Aybar was stabbed 34 times by hisown cousin and his body was dumped in a ravine north of the capital. He was 12.

It is still considered by many Dominicans, the crime of thecentury and uncovered a web of homosexual, drug trafficking, embezzlement andsatanic rituals with upper middle class families, including confessed murderersMario Jose Redondo Llenas and Juan Manuel Moliné Rodríguez

Also implicated werethen Argentina ambassador Teresa Meccia de Palmas, her husband Luis Palmas de la Calzada and their sonMartin Palmas Meccia.

Redondo Llenas was sentenced to 30 years and his friend, MolinéRodríguez were was sentenced to 20 years, and is set to go free on May 5.

The boy’s murder unleashed one of the country’s most extensivesearches and then stunned by news of his body’s discovery, further rocked bythe confession by his killers, both 19.

The investigation found close ties between Redondo Llenasand Luis Palmas and his son Martin, a circle centered around homosexual-satanicrituals.

“The scandal was enough for the then Argentine presidentCarlos Menem to suspend the ambassador, and the powerful family left theDominican Republic just two days before Leonel Fernandez took his firstpresidential term,” said Guillermo Moreno, who was the National DistrictProsecutor at the time.

He said despite Redondo’s testimony and evidence submitted bythe prosecution, the country wasn’t able to strip Meccia of her diplomaticimmunity.

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