Local May 3, 2016 | 11:47 am

Retired Gen. challenges Dominican Gov. on financial statetements (Update2)

Santo Domingo.- (Update2) Speaking from El Higuero Ariport where he’s being held, Peña didn’tspecify if he had a permit to fly over the National Palace, but challenged thegovernment to present “its permit of the 3,000 officials who’ve yet to submittheir financial statement.”

(UPDATE) Subsequently, Peña was arrested at El Higuero airport,where the aircraft landed.

Outlet NCDN reported that president Danilo Medina wasreceiving new ambassadors when the flyover occurred.

FILE. A small plane flying near the NationalPalace placed the Presidential Guard on alert when it made several flyovers next to theNational Palace 10am Tuesday.

A soldier was heard saying that the plane registry H1639 droppedflyers over the National Palace, promoting the candidacy of outspoken and controversialretired Gen. Rafael Percival Peña.

The presidential guard gathered the flyers dropped by theplane next to the National Palace reception office.

"If you want to be a bird, fly. If you want to be a wormcrawl, but don’t cry when you’re crushed," the fliers say, quotingEmiliano Zapata.

The fliers also urge citizens to vote for number 17 on theballot, where Peña figures as senatorial candidate for the minority PUN party.

The retired general often clashes with government officialsover his forced retirement for challenging the Presidency on military matters.

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