Local May 5, 2016 | 7:23 am

Dominican Republic polls: Protesters demand manual vote count

Santo Domingo.- A group of civil society and politicalactivists on Wednesday formed a human chain in front of the Central ElectoralBoard, demanding a manual count of all the ballots cast on election day.

Among the organizations in the protest figured the major oppositionparty (PRM), minority political parties, and grass roots groups, who at first occupiedpart of the sidewalk and then proceeded toward the newly remodeled entrance onLuperon Av.

Faced with a potential for disorder or incidents despitethe peaceful demonstration, the JCE sent its employees home, while itsdirectors headed by Roberto Rosario, visited one of the contracted telecoms.

Manuel Roble, spokesman for the grass roots group PoderCiudadano, delivered a document which said that the JCE should be respond to thedemands of various political parties and civil society, to comply with theelectoral law and manually count all ballots.

"We call on the members of the plenary of the JCE,that it is essential to respect the rules strictly, ensuring transparency andreliability of the entire process," Robles said.

For its part, the Dominican Alliance Against Corruption (Adocco)expressed concern that the JCE ordered its employees home as a result of therally, and condemning the Electoral Board’s action.

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