Local May 6, 2016 | 5:06 pm

Agents nab 18 drug traffickers for ‘large shipments’

Santo Domingo.- The National Drug Control Agency (DNCD) on Fridaysaid it apprehended 18 drug traffickers suspects which sent large narcotics shipments to the US and Europe, through Dominicanports and airports.

In a press conference, the agency said it had seized largequantities of cocaine and heroin from the suspects who weren’t arrested at thetime when the operations took place, but were captured afterward throughintelligence and vigilance during more than two years.

“The cases were well agreed upon with the Office of theProsecutor and those involved are in different jails, after arraignment in permanentattention courts in relevant jurisdictions.”

Case in Haina

Among those arrested figure Juan Gabriel Montilla (a)Furungo: Guillermo Cedeño Laureano, Adalberto Rosario Peña, Adriano SanchezMorillo and Manuel de Jesus Frias Popa, sent to three months of pretrialdetention.

The DNCD said the five are involved in a case of 14,110kilos of cocaine and 1,380 heroin seized on February 18, 2016 in a contaminatedcontainer at Pier East Haina, which was bound for Pier Everglades, Miami,United States.

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