Local May 6, 2016 | 8:33 am

No halfway enforcement of the electoral law: Candidate

Santo Domingo.- APD party presidential candidate MinouTavarez Mirabal on Thursday reiterated her demand that the Central ElectoralBoard comply with the Electoral Law literally and completely, and manuallycount all the votes cast at all levers on May 15.

During a meeting with over 100 APD candidates, the deputyfor the National District rejected the JCE’s decision to manually tally onlythe ballots cast for the presidency, but not the congressional and municipaltickets.

"The Electoral Law cannot be enforced halfway, that’s whywe reject the Board’s decision,” Tavarez said.

“That decision is neither logical nor legal," she said,adding that the JCE decision “seems designed to satisfy the requests ofpoliticians and not performing their functions within the framework of the law.”

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