Local May 9, 2016 | 12:06 pm

Opposition presidential candidates jointly demand manual vote count

Santo Domingo.- Six of Dominican Republic’s seven oppositionpresidential candidates on Monday arrived together at the Central ElectoralBoard (JCE) as a show of unity to demand the manual vote count on the municipaland congressional ballots, in addition to the presidential candidacies.

Luis Abinader, (PRM); Guillermo Moreno (Al-Pais); MinouTavarez APD; Soraya Aquino (PUN); Elias Wessin (PQDC) and Pelegrin Castillo(FNP) parties went to JCR headquarters, just minutes after the grassrootsmovement Poder Ciudadano announced a protest to demand the manual tally ofvotes cast on Sunday’s general elections.

JCE president Roberto Rosario however, last week said there’snot enough time to set up the logistics to carry out a manual vote count.

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