Local May 11, 2016 | 11:18 am

Suspended judges in ‘rulings for sale’ scandal in court today

Santo Domingo.- Special instruction magistrate RamonaRodriguez is slated to hear the motion for acquittal by the lawyers of suspendedjudges Awilda Reyes Beltre and Francisco Arias, starting 11am Wednesday.

The National District 3rd Appellate Court judgewill also rule on the request by Reyes and Arias to return confiscated assets,unlock bank accounts and former’s request to suspend the investigation into heralleged sales of rulings, including the release of Erickson de los Santos Solis,a Pedro Brand town hall official charged in the murders-for-hire case linked tobus owners’ associations.

Arias, meanwhile was removed from his post of Judiciary Councilmember, in the heels of the corruption and bribery charges.

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