Local May 12, 2016 | 12:46 pm

Stowaways mar Dominican Republic’s image, shippers want crack down

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic Shippers Association (ANRD)president Teddy Heinsen on Thursday made an urgent call for the authorities tocrack down on the stowaways who violate port security to reach foreignterritory, mostly the United States, prompting a negative image abroad.

He said the arrest of 10 stowaways was reported Monday whenthey arrived illegally at Houston on a boat from Caucedo port.

He said to no avail they’ve repeatedly complained ofindividuals detained abroad but repatriated and released in Dominican soil,which to his view violates the law on stowaways and Law 137-03 on migrantsmuggling and trafficking.

He said the offenders so-called "fathers of families"are mostly drug traffickers deported from the United States and return again.

Heinsen said the violation of immigration security jeopardizesthe country’s international and trade ties.

He cited the recent case of the freighter MSC ALABAMA, inwhich stowaways risked their life to board the ship through its rudder.

“Legal actions, expenses for delays in halted ships, finesimposed by the authorities, expenses repatriate individuals involved; pluscosts for commercial arrears of shipped products and goods are part of theprocess that involve affected shipping lines,” he said.

He revealed that ship MSC MONICA was also recently affectedby migrant smuggling, after leaving Dominican ports. “The ship-owners ask theOffice of the Prosecutor and other agencies to look closely at this situationas this affects the national economy and our international image.”

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