Local May 16, 2016 | 2:55 pm

Dominican voting chief blames six shooting deaths on tense vote tally

Santo Domingo.- Central Electoral Board president RobertoRosario on Monday said there were six deaths after polling stations closed,which he blamed the tension created when the vote count started.

He said the electronic count is better than manual because,in his view, its speed reduces the time of tense wait.

"Nobody cares" that six Dominicans are dead, exceptthe JCE, Rosario said and reiterated that electronic count could’ve averted those“unfortunate events.”

"This day six dead were reported after the pollsclosed, six Dominican who died in the counting process. Nobody cares aboutthat, but us, we didn’t want it to happen," Rosario said, but didn’t citethe names of the deceased or the circumstances.

Outlet Diario Libre reports that two of the fatalities werein the town Yamasá and another in Monción, Santiago Rodriguez.

There were two shot dead in the town Yamasá Sunday afternoon,whereas the other confirmed dead was in the village El Cepillo, Monción, SantiagoRodriguez.

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