Local May 18, 2016 | 11:26 am

Dominican polling results also disputed in New York

New York.- Several candidates for deputies of US district 1for the opposition parties PRSC, PRM, PRSD and Al-Pais on Tuesday presenteddocuments that purportedly show that hundreds of people voted several times anddenounced the polling as "rigged."

The complaints and protests by dozens of their supportersbegan Monday afternoon at the Electoral Board (JCE) office set up in the SouthBeach, restaurant on Saing Nicholas Av. with 180 the St. in Upper Manhattan,chanting fraud and demanding that the process in NY be voided.

PRSC candidate Carlos Gomez; Cirilo Moronta, BIS; Manuel OctavioPerez, PRSD; Francisco Roa, PRM, and Luis Mayobanex Rodriguez, Al-Pais went to theJCE office to deliver the documents to Electoral Logistics Coordinating Office (OCLEE)president Rafael Tavares, denouncing fraud.

Gomez, Moronta, Roa and Perez agreed in claiming to haveevidence that hundreds of people voted as many as 15 times.

Gomez said he visited all the centers in upper Manhattanand saw the alleged irregularities first-hand. "On that day I denounced itto the Board and they just ignored me, and these are the results imposed for overseasdeputies."

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