Local May 18, 2016 | 7:10 am

Dominican Republic vote chief tells opposition: Don’t be sore losers

Santo Domingo.- "The easiest way is to find a culprit,"was Central Electoral Board (JCE) president Roberto Rosario’s response to oppositionparty (PRM) presidential candidate Luis Abinader’s allegation that his positionsand decisions favored the ruling party (PLD) rival.

Rosario said the distrust voiced by the oppositioncandidate after the vote count pointed to president Danilo Medina’s and the PLD’swin with 56.42% of the votes counted.

in his speech to the country Abinader said votes and IDcards (cedulas) were bought openly and was allegedly accepted by Rosario underthe "false and irresponsible allegation that all parties do so."

“It’s time that political parties in the Dominicanelectoral system begin to assess results based on their own efforts and not toseek a culprit without first evaluating themselves and their work,” Rosariosaid.

He called on the political parties to demonstrate a singleinstance that has been submitted to the JCE which it hasn’t responded.

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