Local May 18, 2016 | 4:19 pm

Post-election clashes concern young business leaders

Santo Domingo.- The president of the young business leadersgrouped in the ANJE on Wednesday said the violent events across the country on theresults of Sunday’s elections are reason for concern, and asked the CentralElectoral Board (JCE) to clarify the alleged irregularities reported.

Osvaldo Oller said the violent protests that have disruptedDominican Republic’s the public order are regretful.

"We encourage all citizens to patiently wait until 100percent of the votes and final results from the polling stations are counted,avoiding incitement of unfortunate events," Oller said in a statement.

He said allegations of irregularities in the electoralprocess, such as the use of technological equipment by untrained staff in pollingstations and the alleged resignation of the 3,000 technicians hired by the JCE arealso cause for concern shared by the international observers.

"The JCE should focus its efforts on investigating andtimely response to complaints made. For their part, representatives ofpolitical parties, in case of disagreement, must comply with the procedure stipulatedin the Electoral Law"

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