Local May 19, 2016 | 8:25 am

Dengue claims 24 people, 243 pregnant women show zika symptoms

Santo Domingo.- So far this year 24 people have died fromdengue and a total of 243 pregnant women have symptoms which suggest the zikavirus. Both diseases caused by the bite of the Aedes Aegyptus mosquito.

Santo Domingo, Azua and Independencia provinces and theNational District account for the most cases recorded, says an officialdocument quoted by hoy.com.do. it says that dengue had killed 15 people for thesame date last year.

Dengue was considered an epidemic last year, coincidingwith the start of the Zika virus. By the same date in 2015 there were 15 deathsand 1,511 dengue cases.

The Aedes Aegyptus mosquito breeds in clean ponds and intanks of water left in yards and sidewalks.

There were 317 suspected zika cases reported this week,with 187 having symptoms, said the document. Since the active surveillance wasintensified 2,443 suspected cases have been reported, with the NationalDistrict having the highest rates.

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