Local May 20, 2016 | 8:36 am

April 1965 War ideologue fell in combat 51 years ago

Santo Domingo.- Today, May 19, marks 51 years since thefall in combat of the ideologue of the April 1965 War, Army Col. Rafael TomásFernández Domínguez, during the failed assault on the National Palace.

Fernández Domínguez is considered the leader of theConstitutionalist movement that sought the return to power of Juan Bosch,overthrown in Sept., 1963.

The national hero died at age 30 on May 19, 1965, during a clashwith US troops while leading an assault on the National Palace, occupied by governmenttroops, led by Gen. Antonio Imbert Barrera, whose main rival was the also ArmyCol. And Revolution hero Francisco Alberto Caamano Deño’.

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