Local May 20, 2016 | 10:33 am

Dominican troops arrest 38 Haitians, seize bus at border checkpoint

Santo Domingo.- Army troops stationed along the Haiti-DominicanRepublic border on Thursday arrested 38 Haitians at the checkpoint of thevillage of Copey, where they were being smuggled on a bus in northwestern Dajabonprovince.

The bus being driven by Luis Carlos Pérez Medrano belongsto the Expreso Liniero company, and plies the Dajabón-Santiago route.

The bus was carrying 38 Haitians with fake passports, whosaid the driver tried to bribe a soldier with 10,000 pesos to let them continue.

Local media report that the troops seized the vehicle and escortedthe Haitians to the Army Infantry headquarters for questioning.

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