Local May 25, 2016 | 6:45 am

Juan Dolio mass grave suspects jailed

Santo Domingo.- The court of instruction of San PedroDe Macorís has imposed a one-year preventive custody sentence on a man accusedof leading a gang that murdered several bus drivers and vehicle owners whose bodieswere found in a mass grave in Juan Dolio.

Radhamés Antonio Ramírez Rodríguez admitted the accusations and promised to reveal the names of the other members of the gang that he headed inthe local area.

Ramírez Rodríguez told the court how they hadcommitted the crimes and what they had done with the victims.

He was taken to the courtroom together with HanselMercedes, Hugo Antonio Zorrilla Alfonseca (Papulo) and Luz Divina Pimentel, whosecase will be heard next Tuesday because they didn’t have lawyers and the publicdefenders did not want to represent them.

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