Local May 25, 2016 | 12:24 pm

President inspects National Theater remodelling

SantoDomingo.- President Danilo Medina made an unscheduled visit Tuesday to theNational Theater to inspect the first phase of the remodelling work.

Heexpressed satisfaction at the progress of the work as well as the beauty andmodernity of the newly refurbished facilities.

Thetour took in several areas of the theater including the bar and the CarlosPiantini Hall, with new seats and carpeting. Medina was also shown the newparking facilities, which are fully illuminated.

Thefirst phase of the remodelling project also includes the reconstruction of theexterior esplanade, waterproofing the ceilings and a central air-conditioningsystem. In addition, the elevators have been replaced, the bathrooms are beingrepaired, new disabled access ramps have been built and the electricalinstallations are being updated.

According to the Presidency, the project reaffirms the government’s commitmentto the country’s cultural and artistic heritage, by restoring a building thatwas in a state of decay after 43 years of continuous educational, cultural andartistic service.

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