Local May 25, 2016 | 8:40 am

UBER drivers say it’s not worth it

SantoDomingo.- Since the recent protests staged by dozens of UBER drivers, there hasbeen a marked reduction in service. This follows a 30% reduction in the faresfor users.

Thedrivers claim that the administrators do not take into account the expensesthat they incur when offering the service and this is why many of them havereduced the number of journeys or stopped offering the service altogether.

“This isno longer viable especially with all the demands they are making on us, thedrivers. That is why I’ve left,” declared Marco Calderón, whoworked as an UBER driver for three months.

“When I am on the main avenues it is not a problem, but I can’t find onein residential areas ,” added Merchy Soto, an UBER passenger.

The company administrators say that they reduced the cost of the servicein order to increase demand and that this should translate into profits for thedrivers. It appears however that some drivers do not consider this change to bepositive.

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