Local May 27, 2016 | 8:49 am

Santiago bishop calls political leaders cheats

Santiago.- Santiagoarchbishop Freddy Breton on Thursday accused political leaders of deception andof sowing discord, calling the post-elections turmoil "a cyclone thataffects the whole country."

"We askGod to lead us away from misfortunes and cyclones which are happening nowbecause, what should be a celebration of democracy, threatens to sever thebrotherhood among us," the prelate said.

Officiating anopen mass attended by thousands of faithful at Cibao stadium to mark CorpusChristi, Bretón noted that Founding Father Juan Pablo Duarte always called forhappiness and unity.

“We invitethe people to ask God’s help us resolve all our differences and tidying all ouraffairs, because life has to follow and God wants us to live in peace."

"I’veheard the reactions of the bishops’ message, but all we’ve said is what anysensible person can say: respect for the popular will, that there be no shellgame, that there be no cheats or sowers of discord, that there be respect ofthe decision of citizen who exercised their democratic right."

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