Local May 30, 2016 | 7:51 am

A most bloody dictatorship ended 55 years ago

Santo Domingo.- Today marks 55 years since the execution-style assassination ofRafael Trujillo, one of the continent’s bloodiest dictators, who ruled with aniron fist, and whose persecution of the Dominican family brought grief during31 years.

On the night of May 30, 1961, a group of Dominicans carriedout the plot which brought an end to an era of tragedy in which society lived underterror of seeing of its sons and daughters fall under the despot’s violent intolerance.

The executioners-turned-heroes: Antonio Imbert Barrera, theonly one still living; Antonio de la Maza; Salvador Estrella Sadhalá; LuisManuel Cáceres; Huascar Tejeda; Amado García Guerrero; Luis Amiama Tió, theonly one to survive, along with Imbert Barrera, the regime’s deadly manhunt unleashedagainst the conspirators after May 30.

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