Local May 30, 2016 | 7:36 am

Dominican Republic’s ruling party retains absolute control

Santo Domingo.- The electoral bloc headed by Dominican Republic’sruling party (PLD) managed to retain its absolute control in the May 15 generalelections, according to the Central Electoral Board’s (JCE) latest bulletin.

The ruling party, in addition to retaining the presidencyand vice presidency, with 2,847,414 (61.74%) of the votes, won 28 of the 32Senate seats, 125 deputies and 108 mayors. The PLD lost two senators, butincreased the deputies from 105 to 125.

The JCE said the major opposition party (PRM) had 1, 613,207votes for 34.98% at the presidential ballot, as well as 2 senators, 46 deputiesand 29 mayors.

The minor opposition party (PRSC), which formed part of thePRM bloc, won one Senate seat, 14 deputies and 14 mayors.

For its part, the minority party, BIS, also part of the PLDbloc but which competed alone in some municipalities and provinces, won oneSenate seat, a deputy and two mayors.

The PRM bloc won two overseas and one national deputies;the minority parties Al-Pais and PQDC won one national deputy each, while thePRD, UDC, FA and APD won one mayoral post each.

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