Local May 30, 2016 | 9:08 am

PLD emerges as the indisputable political force

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s ruling party (PLD)emerged as the country’s indisputable political force in the wake of the May 15presidential polls, its sixth consecutive election victory above 50%, and itsfourth in the Presidency, the second term for Danilo Medina.

The polling results make the PLD an unprecedented politicalphenomenon in Dominican Republic’s electoral history.

The PLD’s first participation was in the 1978 election,when it won only 18,000 votes, just 1% of the ballots.

But PLD founder Juan Bosch’s perseverance and strongleadership built a solid political machine over 23 years, reaching office forthe first time, in 1996.

“Ever since the achievements by PLD administrationsbroadened its electoral support base, to now become the most successful politicalorganization in the nation’s history,” said former president and PLD president LeonelFernandez in an article in listindiario.com.

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