Local May 30, 2016 | 4:34 pm

Suspended judges in ‘rulings for sale’ scandal lose a court round

SantoDomingo.- National District 3rd Appellate Court judge RamonaRodriguez on Monday ruled against the requests by suspended judge Awilda Reyes andfired Judiciary Council member Francisco Arias Valera, the two main suspects inthe “rulings for sale” scandal.

With the motionthe defendants sought more calligraphy tests to submit an alleged document as evidenceand a review of phone calls and text messages.

The accusedalso sought authorization to access security videos and computer records, andother calligraphy tests in addition to the one made at the National Forensic Institutesubmitted by the prosecution.

The court ruledthat in addition to Reyes and Arias, the phone records of Judicial Council directorJustiniano Montero and former Justice minister Radhames Jimenez are also beingrequested, and are third parties outside the process and their privacy could beviolated if made known to people outside the case.

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