Local June 7, 2016 | 3:43 pm

Charges dropped against officials linked to contractor’s suicide

Santo Domingo.- The two former top directors of the State WorksSupervising Engineers Office (OISOE) will not be prosecuted for alleged embezzlement,after Anticorruption Dept. Corruption(pepca) on Tuesday morning opted not to press charges in the scandal sparked bythe suicide of a government contractor.

OISOE former director José Pimentel Kareh and formertechnical director Jose Florencio will not be charged, despite the criminalcomplaint filed against them by the family of David Rodriguez, who took his ownlife in the in a OISOE bathroom last year, and left a letter denouncing an allegedring of loan sharks operating in the agency.

Still being held are the former OISOE senior officials Alejandrode los Santos and Yoel Soriano Fabian, and the lawyer Julio Rafael Perez Alejo,the alleged "bagman" for the loan sharks.

The prosecution presented evidence detailing the chargesagainst them, including conspiracy, forgery and money laundering.

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