Local June 10, 2016 | 11:02 am

Outgoing officials pillage Santiago assets, mayor-elect warns

Santiago.- Mayor-elect Abel Martinez’s transition committeeon Friday warned of disorder of illegal constructions in cemeteries, squatters takingover city lands, and squandering of resources in the transport dept.

Commission coordinator Fernando Ramirez said mayor GilbertoSerulle himself was apprised of the situation, because, in his view, there’s chaosin the constructions in all graveyards without any control.

"There’s a situation that needs to be controlled in themunicipality’s cemeteries, parks and transportation," he said, affirming thatthat people are "parties with some green areas."

Ramirez also warned that the incoming administration willnot recognized any of such transactions, and those who commit irregularitieswill be brought before justice.

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