Local June 13, 2016 | 7:46 am

Envoys condemn Orlando massacre

Washington.- Dominican ambassador to the US, Jose TomasPerez, on Sunday condemned the slaughter in a nightclub in Orlando, Floridawhich killed 50 people and hurt 53, some with life-threatening injuries.

Perez said he was shocked at the "heinous crime" byan armed US veteran in the nightclub, where authorities said the shooter used anassault rifle.

In a brief tweet of solidarity, the diplomat said, "Iam shocked at the slaughter in Orlando."


In Santo Domingo, US ambassador James Brewster and husbandBob Satawake, stated concern and dismay over the killings.

"My prayers are with all the victims and families.Distressing! For those who hide behind the pulpit, politics or culture tojustify hatred to any marginalized group, this is the result of their words andactions. Embrace love not hate, and these acts of violence will stop," Brewsterwrote on Facebook.

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