Local June 14, 2016 | 8:17 am

Dominicans mark failed attempt to topple dictator Trujillo

Santo Domingo.- Today Tuesday Dominicans mark the 57thanniversary of the expedition of Constanza, Maimon and Estero Hondo commemoratesthe June 14, 1959, when a group of freedom fighters arrived in the country towage guerrilla warfare to topple dictator Rafael Trujillo.

Among the various activities starting 8:30am planned figurea wreath by Efemerides Patrias, at the Monument to the Heroes of June 14, atthe center of the Heroes of Constanza, Maimon and Estero Hondo (La Feria).

The expedition, inspired by the successes of Cuban leaderFidel Castro’s guerrillas, in addition to Dominicans, had dozens of fighters,among them Cubans, Americans, Spaniards and Puerto Ricans.

The first group arrived by air on Sunday, June 14, with 54expeditionaries aboard a C-46 Curtiss plane, at the military airport atConstanza. On June 20, the boat Carmen Elsa landed at Maimon, with 96 fighters,led by Jose Horacio Rodriguez.

Most of the fighters were taken prisoner while the restfell in battle.

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