Local June 16, 2016 | 4:41 pm

Amnesty International’s jabs at Dominican Republic ‘rain on wet’

Santo Domingo.- Foreign minister Andrés Navarro on Thursdaysaid Dominican Republic has shown what it has done what it does, and what I’llcontinue to do with the Haitian immigration issue in all international for a,for which it isn’t worth "raining on wet."

He said human rights violations haven’t been evident in anycase and if any emerge mechanisms have been created to become apprised andstudy it.

Amnesty International’s recent report, "Where are wegoing to live?, Migration and statelessness in Haiti and the Dominican Republic,"accuses the country of illegally expelling hundreds of Dominican people of Haitiandescent.

The official told journalists that Dominican authoritieshave been in talks and coordination with agencies who’ve actually shown an interestin assisting Dominican Republic such as the European Union and internationalorganizations, to coordinate with the government in repatriations.

He said when the organizations have doubts about some casesthey’ve been made aware to the country and those cases have been resolved. "That’sthe reason why as Dominicans we shouldn’t continue reacting to reports that aredeaf and are blind."


Interviewed in the Foreign Ministry Navarro said theDominican government is wagering that Port-au-Prince authorities and theHaitian people themselves can find a way out toward political stability.

He said he believes they’re on that path because it seemsthat they’ve agreed to establish an electoral agenda in the short term and havea legitimate and definitive government.

He said meanwhile they are improving the conditions for a dialoguebetween Dominican Republic and Haiti.

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