Local June 16, 2016 | 11:14 am

NY State senator Espaillat secures major labor endorsements

New York, NY – Today, CWA Local 1101 and SEIU affiliateWorkers United announced their support for Senator Adriano Espaillat in therace for Congress in the 13th District.

Senator Espaillat has been a long-time advocate forworkers’ rights. In 2006, Espaillat passed sweeping legislation to improve thelives of over 35,000 home day care workers by allowing them to unionize andensuring they had a seat at the bargaining table. At the time, these workerswho care for low-income, disabled, and clinically ill children had no healthbenefits or pensions, and frequently resorted to paying for diapers, toys, and booksout of their own pockets.

Senator Espaillat also authored the law that gave 40,000livery drivers workers’ compensation, helped pressure a district fast foodfranchise to protect workers who were denied air conditioning in 90 degreeheat, and rallied building service workers facing anti-union intimidation from theirmanagement company. As the 2016 legislative session nears conclusion, SenatorEspaillat is aggressively pushing his bill, the Farmworkers Fair LaborPractices Act, that would finally ensure fairness and dignity for farmworkers.

“From the beginning, Senator Adriano Espaillat stood on thepicket line side by side with our workers calling for fairness. Adriano hasdone more to advance the cause of labor than any other candidate in this race.For his entire career, he has stood on the side of working men and womenseeking a fair shake and decent wage. And we are proud to stand with him, as hehas always stood us,” said Keith Pruce, President of CWA Local 1101.

“I was proud to stand with the workers of CWA in theirfight for good paying jobs and decent benefits,” said Senator AdrianoEspaillat. “In Congress, I will continue to lead the fight for working familiesto be treated with the basic fairness and respect they deserve. I couldn’t beprouder to have the support of CWA Local 1101, and I can’t wait to carry the causeof workers to Washington.”

“We can always count on Senator Adriano Espaillat tochampion the cause of working men and women across this city. From organizing35,000 day care workers to receive the pay and benefits they deserve tostanding against anti-union intimidation to his early and vocal support in the‘Fight for 15’, Senator Espaillat never backs down from a fight for workers’rights,” said Alberto Arroyo, Secretary-Treasurer of the Laundry, Distributionand Food Service Joint Board, Workers United, SEIU Affiliate. “Adriano will goto Washington and be the staunch advocate we have always known him to be. Weproudly endorse Senator Espaillat, because he will be there for our workingfamilies.”

In accepting the endorsement from Workers United, SenatorEspaillat said, “My grandmother was a member of Workers United and she taughtme to fight for people who could not fight for themselves. This lesson shapedmy career – it’s the reason I went into organizing, and eventually intogovernment. In Congress, I will continue to fight for workers’ rights toprotect working and middle class New Yorkers. I am honored to have theendorsement of Workers United, and I know my grandmother would be proud.”

CWA Local 1101 and Workers United joined an ever growinglist of endorsements for Senator Espaillat’s campaign. They join City CouncilSpeaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, Bronx State Senators Gustavo Rivera and JeffreyKlein, Progressive Caucus Co-Chair Antonio Reynoso, City Council Members YdanisRodriguez, Mark Levine, and Rafael Espinal, Bronx State Assemblymen LuisSepúlveda and Victor Pichardo, former United States Ambassador Julissa Reynoso,the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators, the Latino Victory Fund,the Transport Workers Union Local 100, and a host of NYCHA tenant leaders.Senator Espaillat far outpaces any other candidate in the race in support fromlocal elected officials whose districts overlap with segments of the 13thcongressional district.

Laundry,Distribution and Food Service Joint Board, Workers United, SEIU representsmembers in industrial laundry factories, distribution warehouses, and thepublic sector. CWA Local 1101 represents Verizon workers.

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