Local June 17, 2016 | 9:04 am

Tourism Ministry awards Tourist Quality Badge to service providers

Santo Domingo.- The Tourism Ministry on Thursday awarded theTourist Quality Badge to service providers in the Colonial Zone, to increasethe number of visitors to the Dominican capital, attract investment and createjobs.

Architect Amín Serulle presented the initiative at agathering of the Dominican Tourism Press Association (Adompretur), in APECUniversity.

He said the project of voluntary membership for companies,provides for compliance with international rules and procedures for businesses,through the application of various tools, opt for the Badge of Quality.

The initiative will be implemented in hotels, restaurants,bars, museums, travel agencies, tour guides, gift shops, transportation andcraftsmen.

Adompretur president Jose Luis Chavez said to boost tourismall sectors need to work together to enhance safety, order, cleanliness, ambianceand care for the capital.

He acknowledged the efforts by the Government andentrepreneurs to attract more tourists to the capital and its impact on theeconomy and the creation of jobs.

Present in the event were deputy Tourism minister FaustoFernández; and Adompretur executives Pedro Antonio Eduardo, Quiterio Cedeño,José María Pérez, Luis Felipe Aquino, Milizen Uribe, Jose Ramon Torres, JennyPolanco, Aurelio Henriquez and Julian Sosa.

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