Local June 20, 2016 | 11:33 am

Prosecutor questions Mayor of second largest city

Santo Domingo.- Santiago mayor Gilberto Serulle is being questionedby Anticorruption Dept. (Pepca) prosecutor Laura Guerrero, for allegedirregularities during his term as head of the country’s second largest city.

"Today we’ll have an interview with Mr. Serulle, on anumber of irregularities which have been detected since 2012 in Santiago’s municipalcouncil and complaints about them have been a little exacerbated in thistransition," the prosecutor said.

She said the probe will determine whether theirregularities are only administrative or whether if they are cases for criminalprosecution.

Serulle arrived at the Pepca accompanied by his lawyers"to be heard in relation to alleged criminal irregularities occurred inthe City Hall of Santiago, during his tenure from 2010 to date," the subpoenasays.

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