Local June 21, 2016 | 8:09 am

Mayor of second biggest city: Go ahead, investigate me

Santo Domingo.- Santiago mayor Gilberto Serulle on Monday defendedhis tenure in the country’s second biggest city, which he called successful andtwice-awarded for transparency.

He denied the alleged irregularities in the City Council, ifyou are looking for some unscrupulous actions is not in the city of Santiago tofind them.

Serulle those who want to investigate or find othersituations are invited to go to Santiago, “because as mayor I’m open to clarifyany complaint.”

"We’re ready to respond to any claims that may arise froman in-depth investigation and we’re the first to be at the forefront," theofficial said, repeating that the Council is transparent, which earned a recognitiontwice.

Serulle spoke after Anticorruption prosecutor Laura Guerreroquestioned him during several hours over alleged irregularities in Santiago’s Ccouncil, during his tenure since 2010.

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