Local June 22, 2016 | 11:56 am

Santiago barrios struck fear on cops, Police commander says

Santiago.- The newdirector of the National Police Central Cibao Command revealed Wednesday that thelocal police officers didn’t enter some Santiago barrios on fear from their rampant crime.

Jose Acosta said however that the situation began to changeonce he took over as commander.

"I can assure you that here we had areas where thepolice didn’t dare enter, such as Cienfuegos, Camboya, Yaguita del Ejido andYaguita del Pastor," the official said.

In a meeting with local journalists at the Provincial DevelopmentAssociation on Bartolome Colon Av., Acosta said robberies and assaults are constantlyreported in those and other neighborhoods, where police patrols have been increased24-7

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